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Travel to Zanzibar: amazing sights of the island

Traveler called Zanzibar “African” Maldives – the resort is considered one of the best destinations for recreation all year round.
The archipelago includes 75 islands washed by the waters of the Indian Ocean. But in Zanzibar, not only clean white sand beaches, emerald water and picturesque landscapes, there are many attractions on the islands that are worth seeing for tourists.

Disappearing island. Nakupend beach
While resting on Zanzibar, many tourists go to the beach of Nakupanda. Its peculiarity is that you can only dig up here at low tide in the morning, and in the evening the beach disappears under water. Getting to the island from the resort is possible in half an hour. As a rule, lunch is included in the tour price. Tourists are served seafood and grilled fish.

Reserve “Cheetah Rock”
“The Cheetah’s Rock” is a shelter in which wild animals do not sit in cages, but freely walk in their natural environment. Previously, each of the inhabitants was saved, veterinary psychologists work with animals in the reserve, so all animals are not aggressive and friendly to visitors. The owner of the reserve conducts tours of the territory for tourists. With animals you can take pictures, play and feed.

Among the inhabitants of the “Cheetah’s Rock”: a lion, zebra, cheetah, peacocks, lemurs, roes, hyenas and many monkeys.

House of Wonders in Stone Town
Stone Town has been known since the VIII century. Previously, it was a port city, the center of trade in coconut oil and spices. Now Stone Town is visited by millions of tourists from all over the world.

House of Wonders – the residence of Sultan Said Barghash, built in Victorian style in the late XIX century. This place was called “wonderful” because the city’s first water supply system was installed, an elevator was installed, electricity was included, which further influenced the development of other amenities and external communications for a more comfortable life for local residents.

After the death of the Sultan, the government used the residence as a place for ceremonies. However, during the bombing of the island by the British, the House of Wonders was completely destroyed and later restored as a museum.

Here you can learn more about national traditions and customs, build wooden fishing dhows and enjoy the panorama of the surrounding gardens and the ocean from the palace terrace on the top floor.

Prison Island
Officially, the island is called Chang. Previously, there was a prison, hence the name Prison. The last few years is a popular tourist destination for beach holidays. On the sandy coast there are several dive points. In addition to scuba diving, you should go snorkeling. The island itself is coral, so the underwater world around it is very beautiful.

Another unofficial name for Chang is “Turtle Island”. About twenty turtles of Aldabra live here. The age of some exceeds one hundred years. Animals are accustomed to the constant attention of tourists, with them you can take pictures and even feed.

Beach and Caves of Mangapwani
Mangapwani Beach is a paradise with clear ocean waters, white sand and beautiful nature. In addition to a beach holiday, you can visit the historical monument of the island – the Mangapwani caves in the resort. They consist of two grottoes. One is of natural origin with a lake, and the second is artificially created for the purpose of temporarily “keeping the slaves”. They were brought here, and then redirected across the ocean to other countries. There are often guided tours, guides tell about the history of the slave trade and the struggle for freedom. The caves are dark and damp, there may be dangerous insects, so visiting this place alone is not recommended.

Jozani Reserve
Jozani is located near the Kizimkazi beach. The reserve is inhabited by chameleons, wild cats, butterflies, exotic birds and sun antelopes, as well as red colobus – a rare species of monkeys, which can be found only in Zanzibar.

This place is shrouded in legends. According to one of them, the Zanzibar leopard lives on the island, but scientists consider this species extinct.

The reserve is recommended to visit only with a guide – in the forest there are many wild animals and poisonous plants, which is dangerous for an independent walk.

Freddie Mercury’s Apartment Room
Another attraction of Stone Town is the house where Freddie Mercury was born. Few people know that Queen’s vocalist was born and lived in Zanzibar until the age of 5, but that’s why the celebrity is often called the first Asian rock star.

Now in the house of Mercury there is a museum-hotel where the fans stay.

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