Tallinn's small heart
Traveling is the moment of life that you always want to extend. It doesn't matter what direction you take: by plane, bus or even on foot. The main thing is…

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10 of the worst tourist places on earth
Halloween holiday will come soon. But why wait so long to tickle your nerves and "inject" adrenaline into the blood? We offer you a list of the most terrible, in…

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Germany - almost parallel universe
Many of us have heard more than once about a special way of life in Germany, different from ours. And about the zealousness and pedantry of the Germans and all…

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8 best beaches

For everyone, the perfect beach vacation looks different – some like poorly populated beaches with beautiful landscapes, favorable conditions for water sports are important to others, and others have plenty of clubs and restaurants on the coast. To help with choosing a place to relax, we made a selection of the best beaches in the world for every taste.

The most beautiful
Grace Bay Beach, Providenciales Island, Turks and Caicos Islands
Providenciales Island is located between Cuba and the Dominican Republic. Here is the most beautiful beach according to the Tripadvisor rating. On the coast of Grace Bay, guests are offered deck chairs, umbrellas, cozy bungalows or wooden houses. Tourist infrastructure is well developed. Although the beach itself is sandy, this place is popular with divers, as the coral reef is located off the coast. And in winter and until the middle of spring vacationers can see humpback whales in coastal waters.

The most fashionable
Las Salinas Beach, Ibiza, Spain
At the peak of the tourist season, Las Salinas is considered the most fashionable beach in Ibiza. Here come lovers of night discos, incendiary parties and fun. There are many bars along the beach, from where loud music is played, guests are offered drinks, foam parties are organized, famous DJs perform. In the evening, a light show begins on the beach, and dances continue until morning.

Most family
Bellariva Beach, Rimini, Italy
Bellariva is one of the best beaches for holidays with small children. Here, sand, shallow water, convenient entry into the sea and almost no waves. Along the coast there are water attractions and playgrounds, there are also clubs that offer professional nanny services. Rimini has a dolphinarium and a children’s park “Fiabilandia”, and near the resort there is an aquapark “Aquafan”.

The quietest
Lombok Beach, Indonesia
The beaches on the island of Lombok are ideal for lovers of a relaxing holiday. They are less popular than the beaches of Bali, there are few tourists and noisy entertainment. The main occupation of the locals is pottery and sheathing with gold and silver threads of silk; tourists are offered to take part in a master class. The best sandy beach on Lombok is coarse sand, and the coast in the Kuta area is suitable for surfing.

The longest
Praia do Cassino beach, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Praia do Cassino is the longest beach in the world – its length is more than 250 km. At Praia do Cassino there are various options for recreation – here you can enjoy water sports or relax in a relaxed atmosphere. In some places, the tourist infrastructure is well developed, bars, restaurants are working on the coast, sun beds and umbrellas are rented, and there are also deserted places.

Most photographed
Anse Source d’Argent Beach, Seychelles
Professional photographers come to Anse Sur d’Argent to take beautiful pictures. Photos of Anse Surse d’Argent beach can often be seen on the covers of magazines, tourist portals, clips and advertisements are shot here. Feature of the beach – giant granite stones with a smooth surface, “polished” water and wind. There are many palm trees and exotic plants along the coast, and the ocean waters are beautiful azure in color.

The smallest
Beach Gulpiyuri, Llanes, Spain
The coastline of Gulpiyuri is only 40 m. The beach is 100 meters from the Bay of Biscay, separated by large rocks that are covered with dense vegetation.

Despite the small size of the reservoir, there are also ebbs and flows. – sea water enters the Gulpiyuri reservoir through cracks in the rocks.

Today, Playa de Gulpiyuri beach is a popular attraction, its territory is protected by the law of Spain.

Most unusual
Vaadhoo Beach, Maldives
Unusual glowing beach in the Maldives known to the whole world. Thousands of tourists come here to see the unique shining tides of the Indian Ocean. Coastal waters seem to reflect the starry sky. The reason for this phenomenon is a high concentration of bioluminescent phytoplankton, and luminescence is its reaction to irritation, for example, tide. However, swimming here is not recommended, as this may cause skin irritation.

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