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What to take on a trip

Every trip can be stressful before it starts. And in order to avoid this, it is worthwhile to think in advance what to take and start collecting.

First, a few words about the list. Do not make it the day before the trip. Personally, I make a list of things in a trip for a week, and then I add. But what things to take with you on a trip if the list is not made up? I will discuss this further in order of priority.

Some of the most necessary things, of course, are documents. To travel around the country, only an internal passport or other identity card is required.

For travel abroad – passport. Just in case – an internal passport and a photocopy of its main page. Also need:
insurance policy;
vaccination certificate;
booking hotels or apartments;
printed transport tickets.
Both within the country and beyond its territory, cash and bank cards will be needed. Warn your bank about the upcoming trip. Usually, you should be asked for the country of your visit, the dates of your trip and the desire to set a limit on withdrawals.

Do not forget to change the hryvnia for dollars or euros. It is more convenient to pay with them, and they will change the local currency without any problems.

If you plan to drive a car, grab the international driver’s license, license. We need documents for the car, Green Card (policy of compulsory insurance), technical passport and a vehicle inspection certificate.

Take a phrase book with you or download it with an application to your smartphone. Also, do not be superfluous to download offline maps.

Once I did not charge the phone and in the afternoon I was left alone with a black extinct display. In our time without devices, really, as without hands. Therefore, technology – this is what you need to take with you on a trip.

Taking a phone, laptop or tablet with you, do not forget to grab all chargers. Personally, I recommend to get an autonomous source of recharging under the name of Power Bank. For example, a power pack with a capacity of 20,000 mAh will help to charge your phone about 5 times without power outlets.

The list of things on the trip can be supplemented by a camera, headphones, a selfie stick, a universal adapter for sockets, a navigator, a USB flash drive

First aid kit
Just in case, you should always have an “emergency kit” and bubbles for all occasions.

What funds must be taken:
gastrointestinal disorders;
from allergies;
for protection against insects and the sun;
cough cold;
It is also worth grabbing a bandage, some cotton or sponge, bactericidal patches, hydrogen peroxide, eye and nose drops, activated eel, or other absorbents.

Personal Care Products
These include, first and foremost, a toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, comb, tweezers and wet wipes. It is also worth taking cotton buds and discs, a towel, sanitary pads or tampons, a razor and hygienic lipstick.

The list of things on the road can get:
scissors and nail file;
cosmetics, perfume;
glasses or contact lenses with a spare solution container;
cleansers, gel, shampoo, soap and hair styling products.
Colorless varnish and acetone will help you not only keep marigolds well-groomed, but also save tights, as well as wipe off stains.

Clothes and shoes on a trip
On personal experience, I was convinced more than once: take 100,500 things – put some on. Therefore, think carefully wardrobe. Plus, see the weather for the period of the trip in the city where you are going.

On the road, wear the most comfortable clothes, in which upon arrival you can go to the beach, a tour or shop from the hotel. You definitely need replaceable underwear, socks and a few pairs of shoes.

With clothes: even in the warm season, take one blouse in reserve. Otherwise, try to allocate no more than a few things for “every day” and a few parade weekends.

But do not forget about the sea bathing suit and headgear. On a business trip, at least about one business suit. Sneakers or comfortable shoes / sandals are required on the bus tour. And do not forget home clothes / pajamas, slippers or flip flops.

And now a little about how to cram everything.

How do I do. Some things are folded with a standard square, and some are twisted into tubes. So they can push on the sides.

Small things are packed in a plastic bag, and then I put them in sneakers or shoes. Twisting underwear in sweaters or t-shirts. I pack so that one thing goes into the groove of the other, and not just lay on top.

See also: Art to gather

That’s all the tips on what to take on the trip. Travel and do not forget anything important. And if you already forgot some trifle, then remember – you always have a good mood with you

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