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A brief guide to Sharm el-Sheikh

Bright sun, two of the warmest seas, beautiful coral reefs, unusual underwater flora, rest for every taste … You can enumerate endlessly the charms of one of the most famous resorts of Egypt. Sharm el-Sheikh will make a vacation rich, not boring and full of bright emotions!

Sharm el-Sheikh – what is the beauty of the resort?
Sharm el-Sheikh is located on the Sinai Peninsula. The resort area extends along the Gulf of Aqab for 30 km and is divided into separate areas. Naama Bay is the oldest and most developed part of the coast in several rows built up by hotel complexes. This place is also called the Egyptian Las Vegas.

The Sinai Mountains surround Sharm el-Sheikh from the north-west side. Such an arrangement favorably affects the temperature of water and air. Therefore, it is always warmer here than in the resorts in the western part of Egypt. In tropical desert climate in Sharm rainfall almost does not fall. The hottest period is July and August, when the air is heated to + 36 ° C.

Water in the Red Sea in the summer warms up to + 30 ° C, in winter this figure drops to + 22 ° C. Humidity is kept in the range of 40-50%. In such weather conditions, it is easier to endure the desert heat. Favorable time for rest is May-November.

Sharm el-Sheikh is a combination of all kinds of entertainment: from passive recreation on the beach to informative excursions and crazy night parties. There is a large selection of water parks, attractions, restaurants, bars and discos. Warm water creates favorable conditions for snorkeling and diving, even in winter. A duty-free shop in Nabk Bay allows you to purchase souvenirs and clothing at reasonable prices.

The best beaches of Sharm el-Sheikh
– Naama Bay. The only beach in Sharm el-Sheikh with a sandy beach and the same bottom. The best part of it belongs to the Fayrouz Resort Sharm El Sheikh hotel. The length of the sandy coastline exceeds 650 m with minimal areas of coral reefs. The beach is suitable for families with children.
– Reef. This sandy beach is considered to be wild, although there is a snack bar and rental equipment for scuba diving. A more suitable place for diving in Sharm is not to be found. An ideal place for privacy with nature.
– Diamond. Chic beach area, divided into several parts. Refers to the cleanest beaches of the coast. On its territory is a fascinating coral reef. You can find here free sunbeds at any time. From the airport to the beach – 15 minutes drive.

Parrotel Beach Resort 5 * – luxury villa, included in the network of Radisson Blue, has to relax the whole family. A densely landscaped area with an incredible variety of beautiful plants attracts attention. The complex is equipped with three outdoor pools. All conditions for children’s leisure are created: animators, a game zone, a special menu in a restaurant, slides, a children’s buffet.

Stella Di Mare Beach Hotel & Spa 5 * – a luxury hotel with a private beach at the entrance to the picturesque bay of Naama Bay. From the large windows of the rooms in full glory overlooking the Red Sea. Gives inspiration a romantic setting on the open terrace of the guest restaurants, where Mediterranean dishes are served for dinner by candlelight.

Verginia Sharm Resort 4 * – located 12 minutes walk from the beach. The suites have palm trees and a swimming pool. For guests there is everything you need to relax: a hot tub, sauna, hammam. The diving center allows guests to safely explore the underwater landscape of the Red Sea with its magnificent fauna. Ras Mohammed Coral National Park is 65 km away.

What to see in Sharm el-Sheikh and how to spend time
Equipped with clean beaches, colorful marine life and fauna – the main trump cards of the Gulf of Charm, but this variety of fascinating pastime does not end there.
The first place after the beach to visit is the Albatross Aqua water park. There are many impressive slides, and in a special pool you can swim in the waves on a boat with oars. Next, without leaving Hadab, walk along the “Italian” street in Egypt, Il-Mercato, and be sure to take a couple of shots near the fabulous complex “1001 nights”.

Under the refreshing spray of singing fountains, a walk along the small street of Soho will be pleasant in the midst of the heat. Talented musical groups are also attracted to the performance from the stage. For children, a lot of carousels, and for adults – interesting shops. But the main attraction of this place is the rink! And do not forget to visit the Old Town, where tourists will get to the largest bazaar. Here you can buy absolutely everything: from fragrant spices to hookahs and carpets.

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