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Where to spend your honeymoon: the best resorts for a romantic trip

Wedding – an important event in the life of everyone, where you need to think through every detail. However, a well-organized honeymoon is no less important than the celebration itself. We have prepared TOP-5 destinations for a romantic holiday together, which will make your honeymoon more vivid and memorable.

Bali, Indonesia
Bali is a developed tourist resort of Indonesia. It is famous for its paradise beaches, where you can retire, but we recommend it not to be limited. There are many beautiful places in Bali that will fill your honeymoon with impressions: visit the sea temple of Ulun-Dalu, located near Lake Bro in the rainforest, the 40-meter-high Git-Git waterfall, the Serangan island skull and, of course, rice fields. each stage of ripening cereals change color.

There are several areas in Bali. In the capital, life is in full swing, there are many bars, restaurants and round-the-clock parties. For a quiet romantic atmosphere, we recommend the Canggu district, where you can relax on the seashore without a lot of tourists, and in the evening dine by candlelight on the terrace of the beach restaurant.

Just lovers should spend a couple of days on the northern coast of Bali with black volcanic sand. The business card of this region are the best sunsets and dolphins dancing in the ocean waves.

Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
In vain Egypt is considered not romantic. Here lovers are offered different types of recreation, starting with a lazy beach, ending with an extreme safari.

The first thing to try in Sharm el-Sheikh is diving. The coastal waters of the resort are inhabited by hammerheads, perch-antii, moray eels, quaraxes, fire corals, lovers, and others. For training on the coast of Sharm el-Sheikh operates 16 dive sites. If you are already a professional, then take an underwater trip to the wrecks of the XVIII and XIX centuries.

At the resort, newlyweds should visit the spa centers, which offer relaxing programs for two. The complex of procedures includes massage, jacuzzi, sauna or bath, wraps, masks, all this by candlelight and with pleasant music.

Pattaya, Thailand
Pattaya is a popular resort in Thailand, where there is both a lot of entertainment, and quiet secluded places. For a beach holiday, give preference to resort islands, such as Koh Lanu. Here, clean water, infrastructure, beautiful nature. Moreover, a ride to him on a yacht or swim around is a romantic affair.

In the evening, lovers can visit the panoramic restaurants, for example, Baraquda with national and international cuisine, good music and beautiful views of the sunset.

In addition, for tourists coming to Pattaya on a honeymoon, the hotels offer special apartments with private terraces and separate access to the sea, a spa program for two. In the evening, you can run Thai flying balloons in the sky and dine in a romantic atmosphere.

Holiday conditions in the Maldives are made for lovers. As a rule, tourists are accommodated in double bungalows, which are separated from each other by exotic vegetation, each with a swimming pool.

It is not recommended to go to the Maldives active couples who love to break away, for them there is no entertainment. Everything is aimed at solitude, silence, the evening together under the pleasant music, delicious drinks and the sound of the ocean.

Another exciting activity on the islands for newlyweds is night fishing where tuna, barracuda and other exotic fish bite. Upon returning from a mini-cruise, you can have a barbecue on the ocean and meet the dawn together.

Provence, France
While in Provence you can also relax on the beach, they don’t come here for him.

Visit the palace of the Avignon Popes, the castle of René the Good, enjoy the nature of the Camargue reserve or visit the lavender fields and olive groves. In Provencal restaurants, try stewed in olive oil with spices, hand-made nougat and pastis — anise tincture prepared according to a local recipe.

Lovers can also rent a car and ride through the villages of the region: Rusillon with an ocher canyon, Moustiers Saint-Marie at the beginning of the Verdon Gorge, Sisteron with a ribbed rock in the background and others.

Traveling on a honeymoon is the most memorable. Approach the choice of route responsibly, take into account the interests of each other, and then the trip will be unforgettable.

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