Germany - almost parallel universe
Many of us have heard more than once about a special way of life in Germany, different from ours. And about the zealousness and pedantry of the Germans and all…

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Holidays in Vietnam
Vietnam will give a diverse, informative, exotic and at the same time pacifying rest. At any time of the year in this country you can find a warm sea for…

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Iceland: what's useful on the route
Already very soon, from mid-May, the season begins on the Martian island of the Earth - Iceland.And there is a great temptation to talk about her as much as possible,…

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Logical, incomprehensible and strange bans on sea cruises
We talk about the rules during the sea cruise, which a traveler may encounter.The idea of ​​a sea cruise can fill the heart of every traveler with joy.The boundless water…


Holidays in the Seychelles

Seychelles is an island nation located on 115 islands of the archipelago, 33 of which are inhabited. The most convenient way to travel between them is Air Seychelles. The movement on the islands is left-sided, besides – there are many mountain roads, the quality of which leaves much to be desired.

Seychelles are three-star hotels in real five-star natural beauty. Hotels in the Seychelles are luxury class, so the cost of living is very considerable, for a simple tourist who flew in to have a great vacation on the islands – the Seychelles will leave awesome memories.

Visa arriving in Seychelles is put at the airport upon arrival. For Russian citizens arriving for a period not exceeding 30 days, a visa to the Seychelles is not required. You need only a valid passport and return ticket.

The best periods for staying in the Seychelles are the months between the dry and wet seasons, that is, May and October. Gentle breeze, fast ending rainfall, calm ocean, pleasant warmth.

From June to October the south-east wind blows, generated by the Indian summer monsoon. It rains less frequently at this time, the relative humidity is lower, the sea is hectic, but wind strength rarely exceeds 6 points. During this dry season the temperature reaches 25 C. The driest are July and August.

From December to April, during the wet season, northwest monsoon winds dominate, bringing rain to the islands. The level of relative humidity rises, the mercury column rises to 300 C, it is hot. The rainiest month is January. The greatest amount of precipitation falls on the more mountainous islands – Mahe and Silhouette. Frequent showers, sometimes very strong, but usually short. The average annual humidity in the Seychelles is 80%.

Everyone who came to these places will quickly feel that the Seychelles is a country of beautiful landscapes and beautiful people, thanks to which rest every day will give you joy and good mood.

A little help on the Seychelles.An island nation off the east coast of Africa.Capital – Victoria (4º40 ‘S, 55º31’ E)The land area of ​​the islands themselves is 455.3 km², the economic zone in the ocean is 1.3 million km².Climate – subequatorial sea, very mild, without significant fluctuations in temperature throughout the year. It is neither too cold nor too hot here. The average annual air temperature is +26 .. + 30 ° C.

The population is 88.1 thousand people. (in 2010), 54.8% – the townspeople.The main nations: Creoles 94%, Malagasy, Chinese, Indians, British.State languages: Creole, French, English.The head of state and government is a president elected by a vote of 5 years.Telephone country code 8-10-248.There is no time difference with Moscow during the summer period in Russia.

The monetary unit is the Seychelles rupee (in Creole language is called roupi), in 1 rupee 100 cents.Domain zone on the Internet.

Seychelles offer a very rare commodity in the current world of vanity – absolute peace, solitude and measured rhythm of life (if not the complete absence of such) – in short, ideal conditions for the beginning of life together. All beaches are municipal, sandy, in the form of small coves. Each hotel has its own stretch of beach.

Every vacationer should know!

The people on the islands are very friendly. Almost everyone understands English, in the villages the only language of communication is Creole, understood everywhere else on the islands, it was formed just from French.

In the Seychelles there is no flora and fauna hostile to humans, but mosquitoes are present. Dangers can wait in the sea – a slope-tail, lyon-fish, sea urchins. Nothing threatens a swimming person, but I advise those who walk in shallow water to be attentive. Relax and exotic, the sea of ​​new impressions at every turn.

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